Return process

(valid from 01.01.2013)

It is our ultimate goal to provide you with excellent and qualitatively unobjectionable products. Nevertheless there may occur complains or other reasons to send products back to us. We ask you in any case, to inform us before the return. In order to improve the operational procedures we work with the Return Material Authorization system in which every return is assigned with a unique RMA number. This RMA number is available only upon request. You can use it in different ways:

  • Completing the Cool Italia request form

    RMA form here

    Customers that always add a delivery note to their return delivery may like to use this as request form and do not need to fill our form additonally. However, please note that all the required information must be noted, in particular, the production date of the article and when it comes to XWEB, Pego- and Rivacold articles the serial number.

  • Contact Mrs. Milano at +49 711 65883-19 or consult your local area manager.

After we receive your request, you will be told the RMA number, which you please note on your return shipping documents. It must also be clearly visible from the outside of the package (best with Edding) so that it can be assigned correctly. Please understand that we cannot accept any returns without a RMA number.

Mrs. Milano is pleased to help you if you have any additonal questions. You can reach her at +49 711 65883-19.

Thank you for your cooperation!