GSM alarm module

The GSM modem transfers the message in case of an alarm via telephone call. These are transmitted to the selected numbers after a 5 seconds delay. The alarm or disturbance will be released via a potential input contact. This can be done via open or closed contact.

10 numbers can be stored maximally in the GSM modem, which are called one after the another. The GSM modem is programmed via a mobile phone. The programming is done exclusively by SMS texts.

Optionally, a free Android app for smartphones can be downloaded from the App Store. It is possible to program the GSM modem directly with this app (The GSM modem can be directly programmed with this App). The application "Pego GSM modem" is available in the Android store. Alternatively to a Sim Cards prepaid cards can be used.

Please make sure that SIM-LOCK (PIN entry) is disabled. A buffer battery is optionally available, to make sure that after 15 min of power failure the malfunction will be forwarded.

October 2016